Established in 1987, Aranda & Associates, Inc. has acquired vast experience and a wealth of knowledge in the surveying and civil engineering industry.  In our 27 years of business, we have surveyed properties and projects in almost every corner of the State of Texas; thus, we have profound knowledge of the scope of work, the geographical area, the logistical aspects, and the challenges of our clients’ projects. Aranda & Associates, Inc.’s staff has a unique and recognized blend of expertise, knowledge, and experience.

The Aranda & Associates team has provided quality and timely services to numerous public and private entities.  We offer a comprehensive array of services and products, we deliver success, and we achieve excellence via efficient communication, coordination with our clients, and flexible scheduling, while utilizing the latest technologies and meeting every aspect of our clients’ expectations.

In our ongoing efforts to change the surveying paradigm, in 2014, Aranda & Associates purchased mobile and terrestrial LiDAR equipment. The addition of LiDAR allows us to provide our clients with even greater data in less time and in a much safer way.

LiDAR has countless applications, from base mapping and corridor mapping to digital elevation/surface model and rock and slope characterization.  The possibilities are endless.

What sets us apart from others in the industry is our high level of competence and the quality of the services we provide. We have worked diligently to earn our reputation of being a professional, quality-centered service provider, and we strive at all times to protect the interest of our clients while also protecting the general public.