Aranda & Associates VP Tony Aguirre to Speak at the Women’s Council of Realtors- McAllen Chapter Meeting on the Topic of LiDAR


The Aranda & Associates, Inc. Team at


Aranda and Associates, Inc. took a team to SPAR International 2015 in Houston (TX) March 30 – April 2.  The event’s program guide explains the conference topics in these words:  “Conference session content is as you’ve come to expect – the very best and most innovation uses of 3D technology available.”

Here are just a few of the sessions at SPAR International 2015:

LiDAR and Pixel-Based Point Clouds for 3D Technology

Using Point Cloud Data to Create 3D Building Footprints

Bringing 3D Reality to the Court Room for a Murder Trial

The Best of Both Worlds – Combining the Strengths of Mobile and Static Laser Scanning

Integrated Solutions for Complex Construction Projects

Use of Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Industrial Deformation Surveys and Quality Control